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Exhibition History of Firearms and Bladed Weapons of the 14th Century until 1945
Innovative approach to the presentation of a unique collection of weapons!
3D genuine Museum exhibits;
immersion in the historical era in interactive and play areas;
multimedia technologies: virtual narrators, electronic description of the items, the “Encyclopedia of Weapons”, mini cinemas, computer educational games and much more;
unique design of the new permanent exhibition;
amazing interior and atmosphere of the Museum.
The exhibition renders all necessary conditions welcoming children of all ages.
For example, they can hold models of historical and modern weapons in their hands, …
…or jointly with their parents indulge in exciting cognitive and educational computer games on the 4-meter multimedia desktop.
The Tula State Museum of Weapons is one of the oldest museums in Russia. Under Decree of Peter I, the collection had been replenished since 1724, and the grand opening of the Museum took place in 1873. Nowadays, the Museum houses the priceless collection of domestic and foreign firearms and bladed weapons.
The Museum collection includes 14,000 items.
Numerous pilot models little known not only by amateurs, but also professionals are of particular value among other collection items.
The Tula State Museum of Weapons
currently occupies 2 buildings
Permanent exhibition Building located at:
2, Oktyabrskaya Str., Tula
Temporary exhibitions Building in the Tula Kremlin area:
8A, Mendeleevskaya Str., Tula
The new building was officially opened on March 3, 2012.
The new six-storey building of the Museum with a dome resembling the helmet of an Old Russian warrior lies in the historical area of the city related to the emergence of the Tula Armory.
On 23 of February 2015 the new building of the Tula State WEAPONS MUSEUM Started a new modern multimedia exhibition "History of small and bladed weapons from the XIV century to modern times." Exhibition complex is formed as a "Fortress" — fortification system COMPLEX FORMS with lots of sharp corners, developed in Europe in the XVI-XVII centuries
The showcases reproducing weapon shapes are thus visually divided into three parts: the wooden bottom represents a butt stock, the steel upper — a barrel, and the glazed center — a barrel extension of a rifle or a gun lock. Thanks to the harmonious combination of the unique collection, exhibition interior and multimedia complexes visitors can imagine the atmosphere of various historical eras.
The Museum’s permanent exhibition emphasizes the valor and skill of Tula and All-Russian craftsmen, gunsmiths, designers and everyone who heroically defended the Fatherland with a weapon in hands. The exhibition makes the visitors sense the national pride for their Fatherland and Tula as the armory capital of Russia.
The emotional impact of the exhibition is enhanced by the effect of presence: visitors are surrounded with sounds and images of objects, e.g. immersing in the atmosphere of the factory workshop of the late 19th century or in episodes of the history of the Great Patriotic War.